Improving Power Quality


Improving Power Quality

Flickering lights and flashing digital clocks are two symptoms commonly seen when electrical systems aren’t performing optimally. There is a lot of misinformation on how to correct these problems on the Internet, so be sure to follow advice from a reputable source – or call in a qualified electrician.

Here are some steps that you can take to protect against power problems and improve electrical productivity in your home or office:

  • If lights on the same circuit are flickering, and its occurring when a large appliance is in operation (air conditioner, water heater, microwave, etc.), add separate circuits for the larger appliances.
  • Install retrofit “soft-start” kits” on HVAC units to minimize the power destabilization during start-up.
  • Many older homes and buildings, and we’ve got a lot of those in Maine, may not have electrical systems up to the current National Electrical Code standards. This can cause serious damage to modern day equipment.
  • To prevent damage to modern day equipment and improve productivity, you can connect items like computers to a UPS.
  • If you experience longer term power outages versus fluctuations, you should consider investing in a backup generator. This is not a long term solution for issues resulting from power issues within your home or business, only for those caused by external factors – like the power supply from your utility company.

NOTE: summarized information from Richard Bingham’s article “Is There a Doctor in the House?”, March 2012 edition of Electrical Contractor magazine.

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