Finding a great glass lamp


Finding a great glass lamp

Renovations on my 50’s fixer upper are going, well, slow. And by slow, I pretty much mean they aren’t happening right now. Major renovations can really thin out the wallet. After some significant plumbing repairs, HVAC replacement, and roof repairs – there’s not a lot left for the fun stuff. So, while we’re focused on filling our piggy bank, we’re making some little updates to make us feel like we continue to make progress. Our latest addition was replacing our living room table lamp with a gorgeous glass one from Currey and Company. The pic at the top is our living room (look mom, I cleaned!).

We looked at a lot of glass lamps and wanted to share some of our favorite finds with you:

West Elm Glass Jug Lamp

West Elm Glass Jug Lamp


For a traditional look, West Elm offers the Glass Jug Table Lamp for $149. If you haven’t yet discovered West Elm, you’re missing out. I like to think of it as an upscale IKEA (who also has some inexpensive lamps).




Lamps Plus fillable glass lamp

Lamps Plus fillable glass lamp


Lamps Plus has a “fillable” glass lamp – you can fill the base with whatever you want – that is gorgeous both empty and filled. The Fillable Glass Cylinder Collector’s Table Lamp is available for just $99.99, plus free shipping!




Pottery Barn Bacchus Lamp

Pottery Barn Bacchus La


The Bacchus Glass Lamp from Pottery Barn is traditional in style and a good price, ranging from $169-$199 depending on size. You can also get the Bacchus Glass Lamp monogrammed for a special touch.




Ralph Lauren glass ball lamp

Ralph Lauren glass ball lamp


Ralph Lauren makes a beautiful Stacked Glass Ball Table Lamp in the art deco style. It’s a bit pricey at $1710, but if your budget can support it, adds sparkle to your room.




Acrylic glass ball lamp

Acrylic glass ball lamp similar to the much pricier Ralph Lauren version.


If you find a glass lamp you love, but the price is a little high, keep in mind that acrylic can provide a similar look for less cash. For example, the lamp below is an acrylic lamp with similar styling to the Ralph Lauren Ball Table Lamp above, but at a price of just $79.99 at




DIY glass lamps

DIY glass lamps from blogger Anythingology


Finally, for those of you who are more ambitious than I am, Anythingology provides instructions for creating a DIY glass lamp – for only $37! And, as you can see from the image below – it is gorgeous.


If anyone goes the DIY route, I hope you’ll send me a pic so I can turn green with envy at your ambition and creativity!


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