13 days until Mother’s Day – electrically inspired gifts (part II)

We continue our countdown to Mother’s day with more electrically-inspired gift ideas for your mom:

Nikha Jewelry makes a copper and brass necklace with the Electrical Resistance formula stamped in for $14 (plus shipping).

Electrical Resistance Formula necklace
Electrical Resistance Formula necklace by Nikha Jewelry

Redesigned Furniture makes tables from reclaimed electrical wire spools. The tables range in price from $100 – $225 (plus shipping):

Table by Reclaimed Furniture
Table by Reclaimed Furniture
Wall Table by Redesigned Furntiture
Wall Table by Redesigned Furniture








Stark060 creates earrings with the transistor symbol for $10:

Transistor Symbol Earrings
Transistor Symbol Earrings by Stark060

And last for today’s installment is Chippy Charlie’s repurposed Antique Teal Electrical Insulators into votive holders.

Antique Teal Electral Insulators Repurposed Votive Holder
Antique Teal Electrical Insulators Repurposed Votive Holder by Chippy Charlie

For more electrically inspired gift ideas, visit last week’s Part One post. And stay tuned for Part III.

Adjustable Power Outlet with Surge Protection by Pivot Power

Why didn’t someone think of this sooner? Pivot Power brings us an ingenious spin on the power outlet strip by making it adjustable! Each of the 6 outlets pivot on the strip to get in and out of awkward places.

Adjustable Power Outlet by Pivot Power
Adjustable Power Outlet by Pivot Power

The adjustable power strip also has surge protection. You get all this for a very affordable $29.99.

19 Days until Mother’s Day – Electrically Inspired Gifts (part one)

Mother’s Day is less than 3 weeks away!  Be unconventional in your gift giving this year with one of these electrically inspired gifts.  I’ll be posting more electrical inspired gift ideas over the next 19 days, so be sure to check back regularly…

The Amery Studios shop on Etsy.com creates earrings made from upcycled ethernet cable:

Amery Studios DFTBA earrings
Amery Studios DFTBA (Don’t Forget To Be Awesome) earrings are available in many colors




Amery Studios Fish Earrings
Amery Studios Fish Earrings





Designers Chelsea Green and James Minola transform transform electrical wires colorful and stylish rings by twisting and knotting strands. These rings  were created to prolong the lifespan of landfill-bound wires. When you’re ready to recycle your ring, simply undo its knot and walk it to its proper recycling bin. The Electric Love Ring is onsale at Uncommon Goods for just $6.99.


Electric Love Ring at Uncommon Goods
Electric Love Ring at Uncommon Goods





Today’s final selection is the Electric Love Bangle created by GrainDesigns. The bracelet is hand-knotted bangles of reclaimed electrical wire. The bracelet is available in a variety of colors at GrainDesign.com for $28.

Grain Design Electric Bangle
Grain Design Electric Bangle

Ouchlet Covers – fun shock prevention

Outlet covers shaped like classic bandages – adorable! And, a unique baby gift for expecting moms. Prevent unwanted ouches by covering your outlets with these super-cute outlet covers shaped like classic bandages. An inexpensive and cute way to keep your home safe for little ones. Ouchlet outlet covers cost $7/package.

Ouchlet outlet covers come 4 in a package.
Ouchlet outlet covers come 4 in a package.


Ouchlets start shipping on April 29th – order yours today!

Baxter Brewing – Expanding Efficiently

We were thrilled to see our customer Baxter Brewing featured in April’s edition of Lewiston Auburn Magazine (pp 34-46). It’s exciting to see a local business expanding, and doing so with sustainability as central to their plans. As we work with Luke to design the lighting for their expanded operations, we’re looking into alternatives like  energy-efficient lighting (LED and CFL options), motion controlled sensors, etc.

Many of our customers are becoming interested in energy-efficient lighting. Our customers are learning that energy efficiency is not just good for the environment and for the soul, but good for the bottom line as well.

Check it out – featured expert in LA Magazine

We’re a featured expert in this month’s L/A Magazine!  Explore expert previews of 2013 Construction & Design trends from us, and others, in this month’s edition. It seems we’re all in agreement that energy efficiency is the leading L/A trend.

Any easy way for anyone to jump on the energy efficiency bandwagon is by switching to LED lights.

If you don’t already subscribe to L/A Magazine, you should. It’s packed with stories on local trends, people, entertainment, etc. I look forward to receiving each issue, and know you will too